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North Carolina District East

From 1922 until 1947 Civitan clubs in North and South Carolina were grouped by the Carolinas Association. On July 1, 1947, the North Carolina District was formed and it became the largest service club district, in terms of membership, in the World.

On July 1, 1965, the North Carolina District was divided into North Carolina District East with 61 clubs and 2,500 members and North Carolina District West with 60 clubs and 2,538 members. The division of the State was roughly Route 220. Today North Carolina District East and North Carolina District West make up Civitan International Region 3 with 126 clubs
and approximately 4,132 members which is approximately 15.5% of all Civitan members.

Since September 3, 1921, there have been 157 Civitan clubs chartered within the boundaries of North Carolina District East. Greensboro, Raleigh and High Point were the first three chartered in what is now NCDE and they were just behind Asheville, Charlotte and Winston-Salem in what is now NCDW. 34 clubs were chartered in NCDE between 1921 and 1950 and 20 of those are still active clubs today. The highest confirmed membership numbers for NCDE was in 1981 when the year ended with 3,111 members in 78 clubs.

Today North Carolina District East has 1,850 members in 63 clubs between High Point and the Coast. There are nine Areas in North Carolina District East.

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Civitan International History

In 1917, a group of business and professional leaders were meeting in Birmingham, Alabama, as a part of a national civic club. They were concerned about their community and world, but they thought that the club focused too much on personal gain. These men wanted to make a difference, and they believed that their actions could help build a better world.

Giving up the charter they had purchased, they set out to make a more suitable club. On March 17, 1917, these men formed an independent service organization. Eventually, they settled on the name Civitan, coined from the Latin word civitas, meaning citizenship. “Builders of Good Citizenship” was a natural motto for the civic-minded group.

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