Bright Hope for the Boys and Girls home

I wish to thank N.C. District east Civitan for allowing me the opportunity to serve as chairperson for Boys and Girls Homes these many years. I began in the ’90s, but I am not sure of the exact year. Except for taking off in 2000 and 2001 when I served as Governor-elect and Governor, I have served in this position. It has been a wonderful experience in helping needy children.

You have been awesome in your help. Every time I presented a need, you were there to meet that need. I remember all the times you have filled the truck at the annual meeting at Boys and GirlsHomes or stuffed the van at the annual convention. You have brightened the lives of hurting children for many years at Christmas time. I remember the time we started filling stockings for Christmas morning. Over the years so many clubs answered that need. Now there are more clubs desiring to fill stockings than we have children in residence.

My heart is still there as it has been since I joined Civitan in 1980. My body is just not cooperating with my desires right now. Thank you again for everything you have done over the past 30 plus years. It has been a joy.. Please support your new chairperson, Audrey Dail. Audrey will be a great supporter of Boys and Girls Homes.

Thank you for your calls, cards, and prayers during my back problems.I am much better than I was, just not where I need to be yet. I started Physical Therapy this week. I am hoping that will be a help in my getting stronger.


  • Currently, the campus is on Covid protocol. When children go out of the cottage, they must wear masks. No residents have Covid at present, but several staff members do. No visitors are permitted on campus.
  • The request for two cottages to house Level 2 children is still in the hands of the state. Since these requirements are for a higher level of care, Boys and Girls Homes must wait on state approval. The request came from DSS.
  • The placements for Bright Hope in the Civitan cottage are supposed to arrive this week, with others approved to arrive. These will be children ages 6-10 whose parent is enrolled in drug rehab.
  • Good news- There have been more referrals for Level 1 Care so that the second side of the Solomon Cottage has been opened for residents. Solomon Cottage is now called the harbor.
  • Former President, Gary Faircloth was honored by District West by being presented a” For the love of kids” Fellow.
    Civitans stuffed the van at the recent District convention. Thank you for your donations.
  • It will soon be time for Christmas activities. Please respond to Audrey Dail by calling 919-806-9068 or email to
    [email protected]

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