Special Olympics Takes the Field Once Again

Thank you for allowing me to share some information about Special Olympics NorthCarolina.

First of all, please remember to send your annual contributions to Special Olympics as they have been helping the Athletes all through the Pandemic. This has involved virtual meetings to help them exercise and practice their game skills. Everyone involved has been grateful for the help received from the coaches and their colleagues.

Also, we have exciting news to share. They will start doing competitions in various sports this fall beginning 9/25 through 11/14. The competitions will be in 15areasof North Carolina, The events will be in the morning only so that meals will not be served, and will be within an hour drive from the athlete’s hometown.

They are reaching out to NCDE Civitans to help with Awards. Each Awards team will need at least 8 people on the team. I personally have helped with Awards powerlifting and Equestrian at the State level, and find that it is the most rewarding job to have. So, here’s hoping that NCDECivitans will pitch in to help make the transition to competition a fun experience.

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