Area 6 Updates

Spring marks the time for new beginnings and new growth. Area 6 begin their coming out party with the area meeting. Beginning October 2021 most of the clubs will be combined with Area 8, therefore we took this opportunity to meet our new friends through a combine area meeting. The meeting proved to be very informative, even to some of the clubs. We honored the late Alex Trebek by having a Civitan Jeopardy night. The moderators (LeighWilkinson, Margie Gooding) presented answers to the group regarding projects that had been completed during the year, and members of the club that had performed this project responded by saying“Who is ______ Civitan club”? Try pulling this off onZoom! The fellowship was enjoyed by all and the only thing missing was the food.

Play Ball! The four Oaks club has finally being able to make this announcement. Restrictions have now being lifted so they can again be in the ballfield. They are the sports program for a majority of Johnston County.

The Wintervilleclub surprised member and PittCounty SchoolSystem SpeechPathologist DanitaManley with a member with the Servants HeartAward. It is always a pleasure to honor one of your own to appreciate the efforts given to the Special NeedsPopulation.

The Winterville club continues to serve the community through their BlessingBox and the Backpack Buddies project. The Ronald McDonald home received a sizable donation from the members and community. Items included detergent, paper towels, snacks and other needed items. Someone sent the word to the Carolina Pregnancy Clinic. Diapers, Diapers, who needs the Diapers! of course  people that are pregnant anddo not have the means to get them. One thing that was discovered is the fact that babies are born larger these days. Newborn diapers are no longer the number one need, just bump the size up to a number 1. Items were also donated to the God’s Love project, a local organization that gives to needy families.

The Kinston Club enjoyed their largest Clergy event in history, that what free conference call will get you. The visiting clergy (Rev. Reginald Bradshaw)invited his entire congregation to be on the call, it was a great event, what a way for others to learn about Civitan and how it is our duty to serve our fellow man.

The club has also being able to have a virtualPampered Chef Party, the consultant was able to make some online sales. The local Green Lamp 9/11project was given a donation to help Veterans in Beaufort and Greene County; a family that was homeless due to a fire was also assisted during this quarter . The annual scholarship award went to a student from Kinston High School, this scholarship is opened to all high school seniors in Lenoir County.

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