N Raleigh Civitans Engage Community

The North Raleigh Civitan Club has had some of our busiest times ever during the 2nd half of the COVID-19 pandemic. We regrouped and began meeting via Zoom, keeping our 1st Tuesday meetings at noon and changing our 3rd Tuesday meetings to 7pm. This encouraged more participation in meetings and
attracted new members. This format also spurred more participation among members. Our club has just under 20 members, and we’ve made a tremendous impact on our community the last 5 months.

The first project was an online fundraiser for The Alliance of Aids Services for their food pantry. We collected $3,270 in donations by check and on our Go Fund Me project. This was enough money to provide over 16,000 meals for individuals who depend on this food pantry. Additionally, the club made donations to The Good Shepard’s Table and the Food Bank of Eastern North Carolina. All together we were able to provide over 20,000 meals during this time of need.

We collaborated with Food Lion to provide turkeys at Thanksgiving for 100 families with a family member sick with hiv/aids. We purchased the turkeys from Food Lion at the sale price of $.29 per pound and they were distributed by social workers to these needy families. The club funded the turkeys and other projects with profits from our annual pecan sales. In addition to all of our preorders, we bought a tent and banner and held outside, socially distanced neighborhood pecan sales. We learned a lot from these sales and will repeat again next fall and more often.

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