Time to Tell the Civitan Story

Tell me a story…
More importantly, tell me your club’s story…
No, that’s not right. Tell the entire district about your club’s story.

I’m Jeffrey G. Marsocci, and I’m an estate planning attorney, a Certified Medicaid Planner™, and, most importantly, the new Editor of the NCDE Civitan’s Eastern Tarheel. While many would consider me wet behind the ears when it comes to the Civitan organization, I am no stranger to service, leadership, and civic organizations. For 20 years, I’ve been volunteering and working with non-profits of one kind or another, and I have to tell you just how thrilled I am by everything I’ve heard, seen, and read about the Civitan organization in general and our district in particular.

When I was asked to consider taking on this position, I did my lawyer’s due diligence. I dug through past newsletters and articles, and I was amazed at just how vibrant and active Civitans are. There are also a variety of clubs with their own focuses, challenges, and achievements to share. There are clubs with different ages catering to what their members want to do and how they want to do it. And, probably most importantly for the future of a civic organization, the district’s Junior and Campus Civitan organizations are an active and integral part of our organization. Who wouldn’t want to be a Civitan?

As I looked deeper and searched more widely, I started to think about what I would want to accomplish if I came on as Editor, and I found three main goals.

First, until recently, our district only had a Facebook page. In my own business, I have found there is no reason to not spread the same message across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. In addition, there is a huge untapped potential to spread the message even further by venturing into YouTube videos, podcasts, and even the Gen Z platform TikTok. While each form of social media appeals to different demographics, there is no reason a single article or topic can’t be posted across all of them. Yes, the stories and achievements of our Civitan clubs are far too big to stay limited to a newsletter, website, and a Facebook page, and that had to be one goal.

Next, the newsletter itself should be delivered in multiple formats so people have a choice of how to consume it. In addition to the newsletter being available for download as a .pdf document, the newsletter should also be delivered as an e-newsletter so the first paragraph is in the email and people can click on a link to jump to the full blog article. We are working on this. Finally, there is already an option to go to the district website and view the entire .pdf newsletter online.

Third and finally, we want to make sure that every Civitan in the district can get the newsletter directly. To accomplish this, the district will be revamping the email delivery system so that every Civitan who signs up will get the newsletter emailed to them directly. If you go to the district website at www.NCDECivitan.org, you can sign up to make sure you don’t miss a single issue!

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