New Website Up & Running

The new website for NCDE Civitan is up and running! The main goal for the new website is to showcase the amazing things that are happening for potential members and other Civitan clubs to see. We have a section for newsletters, an event calendar, forms, resources, and much more.

Each club also has a page on the website where relevant information specific to that club will be housed. It could be upcoming events, newsletter articles, important announcements, etc. I would also love to have pictures of the club to personalize the page even more. The ultimate success of
the website depends on you. You can help us get more information on the website by submitting the following:

  • Events and Meetings that your club is holding
  • Photos of past District Governors
  • Pictures, pictures, and more pictures! (Service projects, action shots, previous conventions, etc.)
  • Newsletters prior to 2016
  • Images and other documents that show our past history
  • Oh, did I happen to mention pictures?

You can view the new website at The website is for you the members and I value your input. If there is something missing on the website that you would like to see, then please let me know by filling out the contact form at

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