All In Summit 2021

I hope you all are thriving in your mission to make the world a better place.

My mission is to make the world a better place by supporting our International Research Center, by helping to raise donations for the CIRC through the All In Summit event. The Civitan International Research Center works hard to vigorously fight against and educate people on diseases and disorders like Autism, Dementia, Parkinsons, and Alzheimers.

Raising money for the All In Summit* is a part of my mission as Junior Governor for the District. It is a good way to express the joy of being a Junior Civitan, so I ask that you generously help NCDE, myself, and Junior Civitan International by making a donation to All In Summit. This donation goes far beyond you and the organization. The Civitan International Research Center helps so many individuals and families that without you, their life could be very different, this is not only a service to the organization but to these adults, adolescents, and children who experience life-changing events because of us and our mission. Anything you can do to help and show your dedication to Junior Civitan and Civitan International. I understand that these are trying times with the COVID-19 Pandemic and that finances may be tight for individuals and for your clubs; nonetheless, anything that you can spare will be greatly appreciated.

With the All In Summit being held in February in Birmingham, Alabama the date to make donations is approaching quickly, so please send your donations by December 11th to the NCDE Junior Civitan Co-Chair, Kimberly Davis, at 8147 Lakista Point Lane Garner, NC 27529. Please make all checks payable to Civitan International and in the “memo” line write Isiah San Juan-NCDE, All In Summit, or you can donate online.

Sincerely, Isiah Gaspar-San Juan Junior Civitan Governor for NCDE


All In Summit happens once a year when Junior Civitan district and international leaders are invited to represent the Junior Civitan program in Birmingham, Alabama. Participants will enjoy a weekend full of fellowship, education, and service as they convene in the birthplace of Civitan International and the Civitan International Research Center (CIRC).

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