NCDE Governor Speaks (3Q)

Civitan-Deryl-McGuire-2019-2020-GovernorHello NCDE Champions!!!

We are now in the 4th quarter of our 2019-2020 Civitan Year. A year that started with ups, downs, celebrations, fundraisers, service projects, hugs, smiles, being together, meeting new people, seeing old friends and neighbors in your community- Then March came.

So what did NCDE Civitans do? We became creative! We found new ways to be together through Zoom Meetings, telephone calls, driving in a caravan and going by other members’ homes, waving and saying hi, just to name a few. Focus changed from Fundraising to Service- lots and lots of service. We have had Beach Bashes all over NCDE, Rocked and Rolled for CIRC, taken children lunches, helped those who have lost their jobs, and have talked more to our neighbors and members. WOW!!! True Champions!!!

Under our current circumstances, we will be having our ZOOM Summer District Meeting, Saturday, Aug 22, from 10AM-12Noon. This is taking the place of our cancelled State Convention.

So, let’s have some fun and wear a hat! Wear your favorite hat, old hat, creative headgear, profession hat, favorite sport hat, depicting your fundraising event or service project.

Plan now to attend. Let’s show each other just who we are!!! Creatively, of course!!! Plan your hat party with other club members. Be ready for the Hat Parade!!!

More information and the Invitation to attend will be coming in August. Until then, take care, be safe and let us all use our talents to be of service to others.

Deryl McGuire – Governor 2019-2020
email – [email protected]

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