NCDE Civitan Boys and Girls Homes Cottage

Boys & Girls Homes Still COVID-free!

The campus is still free of the coronavirus. The staff have worked very hard to make that happen. The children are doing everything in their respective cottages and are doing very well. Meals are delivered to each cottage. Newcomers are tested and remain in a designated cottage for 14 days before being moved into a more permanent cottage.

Betty Faircloth continues to need cards and notes from Civitans. She is at home. She cannot walk yet. P.O. Box 234, Lake Waccamaw, N.C. 28450

Gary Faircloth, CEO, will be retiring October 31st. Interviews with applicants will begin soon.

The child Advocacy Center building is about to open. However, the staff has been busy working in another location. They have worked with 38 clients, 34 of whom are confirmed sexual abuse victims. Fifteen convictions have been made in these cases. This center allows a child who has been sexually abused to do all their interviews at one location. The Lakehouse population remains at two teen moms and two babies. During the Pandemic, many DSS officers were not open so no placements were made. That is beginning to change now.

The campus population is currently low during the CoVid- 19 pandemic. This is due in part to many DSS offices being closed and placements have not been made. This will change when school starts again.

Around the first of September, Christmas sponsorship letters will be coming to clubs. Sponsorship is $250.00 per child, and can be a club and or an individual. I hope to be able to get an accurate headcount when school begins. It may be a little difficult to cover Christmas this year since most clubs have not held fund raisers and may be short on funds. But Civitans will come through. If your club filled stockings for Christmas morning in previous years and you wish to do that again, please get in touch with me by email, [email protected]

Audrey Dail, a member of the Creative Civitan Club, will co- chair Boys and Girls Homes committee for the 2020-2021 Civitan year, beginning October 1. Audrey is a dedicated Civitan and an awesome supporter of Boys and Girls Homes. The following year Audrey will chair that committee and I will step down, due to health restrictions.

Thank you for “hearing the cries of children”.

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