NCDE Junior Civitan Annual Convention

On May 21, NCDE Junior Civitan hosted their annual convention, where we had our elections and our awards. We recognized the NCDE scholarship recipients including Gianna D. from the Boys and Girls Home, Maggie D. for Campbell University Campus Civitan, and Spencer B. of the Craven Early College Junior Civitan Club. NCDE Highest Membership Growth First Place with an increase from 5 members to 24 members – Cypress Creek Junior Civitan Club; NCDE Highest Membership in Second Place with an increase from 31 to 48 members- Wake Leadership Junior Civitan Club; Honorable Mention for Highest Membership also recognizing both Franklin Academy Junior Civitan Club and New Bern High School Junior Civitan Club. Advisor of the Year – Ken and Brenda Smithwick, Club of the Year – Cypress Creek Junior Civitan Club and Community Club Project of the Year was awarded to JOCO Junior Civitan Club

For the first time ever, due to COVID-19, Junior Civitan held their International Convention online via Zoom. It was held on the week of June 22-26. On the first night, we had the “Celebration” segment. Throughout this session, awards to individuals as well as club/districts recognizing all their hard work. Kori T/, Ariane D., and Ashton G. were recognized with the honor of a Junior Fellow. Darby R., Raylee G. and Ariane D. were Shropshire Scholarship recipients. Congratulations to Wake Leadership Junior Civitan Club earning the Honor Club of Distinction! On June 24, the second session, it was entitled “Looking Ahead” where Juniors were introduced to a new program called Standing Promise of Tomorrow (SPOT) and we will learn more information about the program in the coming year. We also had six career panelists that talked about how Junior Civitan and their career were related. Our guests were Dr. Craig Powell, Scarlet Thompson, Heather King, Mauri Robinson, Tracey Beck, and Stacey Lewington. Finally, on the 26th of June, we had Dance-a-Thon: Virtual Prom and a total of $38,385 was raised. We were excited that Kori T., our Public Relations Coordinator, was Top Team Fundraiser who raised a total of $4,925.17. Thank you to NCDE and those who donated for Dance-a-Thon.

Isiah G.-S.J.’s Goals for the 2020-2021 term as Governor:

On the district level:

• Increase the average membership by 10% (roughly 30 members)
• Increase representation by 10% (roughly 3 people per club)

For the District Board:

• To have a group chat or such to improve communication between board members and to have at least 9 board meetings throughout the year.
• 51% Participation by Board Members at District Events
• All In Summit Goal $5,000 (formerly SnoDo)
• Visit at least 5 Junior Civitan clubs in the district

Thank you, North Carolina District East, for all that you have done and continue to do for Junior Civitan!

Ashton G., Outgoing Governor
Isiah G.-S.J., Incoming Governor
Kimberly D., NCDE Junior Chair

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