NCDE Governor Speaks (2Q)

Civitan-Deryl-McGuire-2019-2020-GovernorMid March introduced us to a new vocabulary and way of life when Coronavirus and CoVID-19 entered our vocabulary and started to touch everyone’s
life. Archie Cowan, South Civitan Club President, sums it as follows:

What is normal? It seems that the current coronavirus pandemic sweeping the globe has changed the very definition of what that is. Sure, the regular flu has already killed lots of people this year, but we knew it was coming and pretty much what to expect. Some got the flu vaccine; others chose not to. But at least we had an option. With this new virus, so little is known. There is no cure. There is no known vaccine. We thought it was mainly a problem for older folks and those with pre-existing conditions. Then young people and even infants start dying. We think it is spread by contact from someone who already has it, and then some who’s not had such contact gets it. Do we wear a mask? Is it politically motivated to make our leaders look bad?

No matter what you believe about the coronavirus outbreak, it has changed the way we go about our daily lives. Social distancing, self-isolation, quarantines, travel restrictions, forced closure of business and services, and an almost complete cessation of all social gatherings have become our new normal and now impacts our Civitan activities:

International Convention- CANCELLED

Junior Civitan Convention- CANCELLED

NCDE District Meeting- Changed to a Zoom meeting May 2

NCDE Board Meetings- To be conducted on line

Club meetings- Cancelled in person; hopefully moved to a virtual platform

Service projects- Cancelled or put on hold

Fund raising projects- On hold

Special Olympics- Cancelled

Though we do not know how long this will last, we WILL get through this and, hopefully, get back to living our “normal” lives soon.

Flowers. Shrubs coming to life. Birds chirping, building their nests. Cleaning Up. Awakening to new adventures. Major fundraisers and service projects on the calendar. Programs, fun, fellowship, upcoming conferences, and conventions. Busy, Busy Civitans!!!

Then life changed in a day! Everything we were looking forward to was either cancelled or postponed. We thought this situation would be for a short time. We have made changes daily; adapted to new circumstances; brought back “old ways” of handling something; or just stopped. So what can we do until our world is restored to what will be a “New Normal”?

We can continue to do the following in both our daily and Civitan lives:

Learn- Visit Take advantage of all the webinars Civitan International offers.

Communicate- Call your neighbors, friends and fellow Civitan members

Share- What you have been doing (or not doing), a new recipe, your joys, concerns, fears, wishes, and just ask how someone is doing. Do you have a Great Virtual Fundraising Idea- then share it!!!

Investigate- Ways you and your club can help restore your club’s activities. Investigate and set up a virtual meeting (ZOOM). Set up a conference call. Organize a Group Facebook Site.

Appreciate- Your quiet time to read, reflect, meditate, exercise, create!

Please NOTE: The Saturday, May 2, NCDE Spring meeting has been changed to a ZOOM ZOOM meeting. NO REGISTRATION FEE!! Attend from the comfort of your home. Come As You Are!

Important Update Regarding Club Meetings
In a previous statement from Civitan International, clubs were urged to not hold any club meetings or public gatherings until May 1. Please take note that this date has been extended through Memorial Day (May 25). As communities begin to reopen, Civitan International will carefully review reopening guidelines that have been put forward by local and national governments to help provide further guidance.

For future updates, please visit the COVID-19 Update page on the Civitan International website.

Deryl McGuire – Governor 2019-2020
[email protected]

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