NCDE Governor-Elect Speaks (2Q)

I trust this message finds you well and adjusting to our temporary norms. Personally, I am finding excuses to get out in the fresh air- even with all of the pollen- to enjoy the beauty of this time of year. But we cannot get too sidetracked as there is still plenty of Civitan business to do:

District officer nominations: Please consider running for or nominating someone for Governor-Elect and Area Director. Per District Policy, nomination forms are to be completed and mailed to the District Administrator by July 21, 2020. Candidates for District-Wide elective offices (Governor-Elect and Area Director) are encouraged to announce their intentions to run through short comments at District-Wide meetings and area meetings and through correspondence to clubs. All announcements and correspondence must be done more than thirty (30) days prior to the annual district Convention.

Club officer elections: Clubs have developed their timelines for nominating and electing officers for the 2020-2021 Civitan year. Some of you are using virtual communications or emails to present the slate of officers and are looking into ways to conduct the official vote. Please continue to conduct your club business as you are able to complete this important function.

Civitan International Zoom Meetings: If you have not already, I encourage you to join future Zoom meetings or view the archived meetings that Civitan International has been conducting since March 24, 2020. I attended the Civitan Philanthropy session which recommended any fundraising or awareness activities scheduled through June be rescheduled or canceled. Along with this advice were some great ideas and tips for keeping the club connected in the absence of face to face meetings and how to convert fundraisers to possible virtual events. The website is or you can also type “virtual club meetings” in the search bar on the website!

Thanks for all you do in your communities and for each other. Together we will continue to be creative and find ways to serve the needs of our neighbors.

Helga Fasciano
NCDE Governor-Elect 2019-2020

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